I took a few shots when I said that gaming consoles were in trouble as mobile device gaming continues to pick up steam and you can play on large screens. Well here are some videos of an iPad 2 on a 50” screen and you can see how this is already a legitimate console replacement (maybe not for the hardest core players out there but it’s likely enough for most). Anyway, I’ll let the videos do the talking:

The cost of games is fractional to console games as well and for a lot of people it’s a device they already own. Play on the go and to play your games at a friends house just bring your iPad over.

Pretty impressive. What do you think?

via TouchGen


  1. I was going to post this today tomorrow but my HDMI cable is not long enough and I got to run and buy a new one. Loving my iPAd 2.

  2. The saving grace right now for consoles is the still high price of tablets capable of delivering the needed performance.

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