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Apple Rewrites Embarrassing Moment During Media Event

Steve Jobs had his share of embarrassing moments just like anyone else. Look at Steve Ballmer, he was walking gaffe factory! We will miss Mr. Steve “Developers Developers Developers” Ballmer alright. Some things you can’t go back and cover up, but other things you. Especially if you are Apple. So it goes at the iPad Media Event that Apple had a couple of French Scientists out on stage explaining about an App called “Replay” which basically takes all your videos and synchronizes them together with motion graphics  and music.

So French dude typing about their Utah Road trip was visibly frustrated when the autocorrect jumped in and changed “Utah” to “It’s Road Trip” Pretty funny right? The guys look was priceless. So Apple post media event has gone back and scrubbed things down a bit better to their liking and changed the botched up autocorrect from “It’s” to”Utah” as it should have been in the first place. Check out the pictures and video below to see for yourself.


From the video above to the pictures below, Apple just rewrites things the way they see fit.

I wonder if there is thing Microsoft can do about Ballmer’s videos? Nah, we love them the way they are!

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