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iPhone GV Mobile + Updated

The popular iPhone Google Voice application GV Mobile + has been updated to Version 1.0.3.  You will have to put your Google Voice info back into the application after updating.  You ask what has been updated/fixed well:

What’s New in Version 1.0.3

+History parser fixed
+Voicemail speaker button revised
+Grayed out the * and # digits
+Multiple Sign-In support
+5 and 6 tones were the same – fixed
+SMS contact look-up goofed when entering in a number
+Call Screening and Presentation revised
+Open To Tab fixed
+Data Sync fixed
+SMS character counter
+SMS text disappearing when typing fixed
+Copy menu for the Keypad showed up when nothing was there to copy
+Tones are fixed
+URL handlers tweaked
+Non-alpha numeric username login fixed
+Refresh individual SMS messages in Reply view
+Take Calls From is now Call Method
+Removed Offline dialing section and moved into Call Method
+iPod music will still play when opening the app (will pause and resume on VM playback)
+Bluetooth headset support for VM playback (when speaker off)
+Clears number dialed after making a call
+Pull to refresh
+New calling method, plus simplified older methods (no more entering in “Phone to Ring”)
+GV Credit Balance
+Contacts/Groups fixed
-Favorites gone until v1.0.4

Note Favorites are gone until the next release.  Enjoy!