iPhone 4S announced, S stands for Seriously

The iPhone 4S made its way to fame today (or not,) at Apple’s hugely hyped gathering of the fruit cult. Wait, what? Who cares, I should just skip right to the part where we yammer on about the technological genius that is the iPhone 5. Well, Sadly, there is no such thing. The iPhone 5 is still missing in action! So, you’re impulse urges to purchase something Apple will belong to the phone you already own, plus a “S.”

I know, the first paragraph was rough, and you may need more than a minute to catch yourself, but we must move on. One last jab; please, if you will, take a look at the picture I so carefully selected for this post. Does it not look familiar? Oh so familiar indeed, this is the very phone you’ve threatened to throw through the window plenty of times. xxx dropped calls and late text messages later, the added “S” (not for super hero) does little to nothing to save you from your scorn. This my friends, is what the iPhone 4S will look like. Yes, this is correct. THE SAME THING YOU OWN NOW!

Moving right along, the guts of the iProduct is a bit different this time around. In fact, its like nothing you’ve ever seen. Oh wait, no that’s a lie too. To make things easier to understand, the “new” iPhone 4S runs off everything that powers your iPad 2. So you’ll get that Dual Core A5 processor you know and love, no more iPad envy for you! But apple did manage to add one “S”urprise in there, a Dual Core GPU. According to their genius match, this thing can pump out 7 times the graphical goodness as the current gen iPhone.

For those of you who fell in love with that beautiful display, prepare to love it some more, it is NOT changing. That means, you will continue to deal with a 3.5 inch screen, but that really isn’t a problem right? You’ve been dealing all along, why should you care? And what of the Camera? Ah yes, the Camera. The one area worthy of mention. Apple has bumped the soon to be point and shoot replacement to 8MP and gave it a f2.4, impressive. You can expect a ton of software trickery and optimization to make it even more amazing than that of its no “S” brother.

Software wise, you can expect Siri voice control to make its way to market via the “S.” Apple describes the service as a “personal assistant,” as the voice control allows you to do things like schedule tasks, make call and even find the weather. Also new, AirPlay mirror which was made popular with the iPad will now work as advertised on the iPhone 4S. Anything else, would be just random features stolen from android found in iOS 5.

How do you feel? Are you okay? I’ve got one more for you! To complete the day’s tom foolery, Sprint will officially be carrying the iPhone 4s starting October 14th. If you’ve ever wanted to wave an Android flag, then blow $20 billion to have other’s sloppy seconds, then you should ask Sprint’s CEO for a road map of his strategy plan as of 6 months ago.

And there you have it folks, the iPhone 54S. I’ve still got plenty of questions, some will be answered in time, but its clear no more than ever, my last article was on point. The iPhone madness is not what it used to be. Or is this just me? What do you think? Will you be on line to purchase this thing again?


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  1. LMAO Ramon.

    The beat goes on Verizon and Sprint customers, that graph that Tim decided to show with HSDPA speeds is only for AT&T. Good ol’ Faux G action working for you. Funny how Tim decided to go with bringing up the Sensation but not the Thunderbolt.

    Bring back Turtleneck for announcements like these. Please…

  2. I am disappointed. Honestly, Siri is neat, but no where near the selling point that everyone is making it out to be. Honestly, I do not drop many calls, and the processor I have is excellent. I will say the camera is good news, maybe the best news to come out of the event. No wait, Infinity Blade 2 was the best news. No larger screen size, you got to be kidding me….


    I wonder how all the rumors people are feeling right now? We published some, sure, cause the rumors themselves were news, but Cmon, Sprint getting an exclusive on the iPhone 5 that doesn’t, or is not even released? WOW did someone miss the boat there!

    And what about all these case leaks? Suckas got PLAYED!

  3. They’ll just throw some of the Steve Jobs dandruff over every thing and all the people will just fall in line with big smiles on their faces. “SUCKAAAAAAAAS HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  4. @BRYAN B: How did I know I know you would be dropping a little comment love on this post? Buwahahahahaha! iThink I am going to go and get iDrunk and iPout about the stupid screen size YET AGAIN!!! ARGH!!!!

  5. You mean HSPA+, don’t you?

    The thing is, HSPA+, which comes in various flavors, can go really fast, as fast as your carrier wants/is able to make it, and can be all IP-based like LTE. Might even be easier on the battery. HSPA+ at 42Mbps theoretical is popping up in various places including Australia, Austria, Egypt, Indonesia, Portugal, Serbia, Thailand, Montenegro and, if I’m reading this right, 150 US markets for T-Mobile. I don’t know what AT&T’s up to.

    T-Mobile-USA has two phones supporting HSPA+42, the HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung GSII. I don’t know what this iPhone 4S radio has, if it’s HSPA+ or HSDPA only, or which HSPA+.

    The present standard tops up at 84Mbps down and 22Mbps up (theoretical), future revisions something crazy like 672Mbps. But that’s not the real world of course in which there are so many other factors polluting the goodness of whatever technology you’re using. For instance, the frequency, how many people are piled up in the same range, how saturated the air is with radio waves in a cell, how saturated that tower’s link to the backhaul is, whether or not you’re holding it right and so on and so forth. My HSDPA T-Mobile phone, regular 3G, before I dropped it in the toilet, got over 6Mbps sustained with pings inside 50ms on multiple occasions in my apartment in Manhattan.

    I think this new iPhone has a HSPA+ radio that does 14.4Mbps (wait, isn’t that HSDPA?), which is on the light side for whatever reason, but it will probably be a very long time before AT&T produces a phone that will outrun this iPhone in NYC. HSPA+ is much cheaper to roll out than LTE and unless you’re on Verizon HSPA+ access is more plentiful.

    I am obviously not an engineer or an expert, but LTE has certain advantages, a few of which would be particularly useful in a dense city like mine, over HSPA+ that make it the superior, winning standard, starting with flexible spectrum usage, meaning, I believe, that based on dynamic conditions, like your device’s range and how many other devices are on the same cell, your phone can be afforded a varying degree of bandwidth (spectrum) whereas HSPA+ is fixed, an HSPA+ phone (or HSDPA) has a certain bandwidth locked in whether it’s three miles from the closest tower using little data with a lot of demand from other devices on that tower. With LTE, your spectrum can be reduced and spread out where it’s needed more. Kind of like fuel efficiency of 4×4 versus AWD, no? Also, 1/4th the transmission time interval and a ping in the neighborhood of <10ms versus >50ms.

    Consequently, LTE has about twice the system spectral efficiency, or how many users can be supported in a defined geographical area (not a single cell, but physical space with however many towers), as HSPA+, the HSDPA family. Double the efficiency making it a better weapon to take on Manhattan to deliver impressive service per hertz, however many of those you’ve got to play with.

    I’m pretty sure that that’s a big deal for carriers taking on cities packed with people who want to stream Netflix or whatever, so … yeah, the iPhone 4S isn’t LTE.

    As for WiMAX, really hard to find someone saying something positive about it versus the other two. The most common complaints I read are battery and speed. Spectral efficiency, much worse than even HSDPA.


  6. The iphone madness is not what it used to be?? Im sorry but people setting their calendars and alarm clocks for the “announcement” of a phone???? That is madness in itself. For the general user such as myself the iphone4 is just fine as is the 4s. Your standard user could care less about a screen that is a tad bigger than the 4, or the brightness of the screen or a better point and shoot camera. They are going to buy it simply because it is “the 5” ( and then learn how to use it later) I have a better idea, for those of you who waited in great anticipation for over a year for the “dissapointeing announcement” I would spend the next year trying to talk apple into creating a ineedalife app. :)

  7. @mathew.
    Thats the problem right there. They have been shoveling poop in their buyers general direction for years now and you are still willing to “wait till next year”??

    C’mon, there are (and have been for a while now) better choices out there NOW. If you want apple to put out what YOU want then you have to FORCE them to. Buying it (even next year) will force them to do nothing more than what they do now… hold a big, huge “event” showing you just how good they are at polishing turds.

    WP for the win, bitches!

  8. I’ll be buying this regardless of it being a 4S vs a 5. And to be honest, I don’t like big honkin’ screens on a phone that needs to fit nicely in my pocket. The camera and processor are huge for me, the 64gb space is something I was really hoping for and Siri is pretty bad ass. Watch the keynote video about the camera, processor, and Siri before just writing it off.

    Was I a little disappointed? Sure. I wouldn’t have minded a nice redesign, but I still really like my iPhone 4. A lot.

  9. Too funny!!!!! Sprinkle some of Steve Jobs dandruff on it and they will line up with smiles on, HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Let the rationalizing begin!!!!!!

  10. I never really thought there would be an announcement of two iPhone configurations. It is Apple, they just don’t confuse their customers. They know their customer pulse. Also when it comes to newer communication technology, Apple plays safe bet. I can understand not supporting LTE in the same reason, but not supporting HSPA+, I just wonder. HSPA+ is a matured and settled technology over LTE and majority of the carriers throughout the world support it. Probably they might have see issues, which I don’t see. But I am definitely sold to their camera and it is definitely matching with Nokia’s. Now Nokia has work to do, they have show their camera is much better than Apple’s, definitely. I am also sold to the intelligent Antennae feature. This shuts the mouths of Antennagate fever. But like Doug, I am also skipping 4S. I will wait for iPhone 5. I think iPhone 5 will have HSPA+ support if not LTE and hopefully they will increase the size to 4″+.

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