Well we know that Microsoft execs (including Ballmer) met with Adobe execs (including their CEO). What did they discuss? According to the NY Times the focus was Apple and how they can work together to fend them off.

…one of the main thrusts of the discussion was Apple and its control of the mobile phone market and how the two companies could partner in the battle against Apple. A possible acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft were among the options.

Microsoft looked to acquire Adobe years ago and that would have led to an antitrust battle but today Microsoft isn’t as dominant as they were so today that would be possible. Putting that aside, I presume the talks were more about a strategic alignment than an acquisition but I could see MS getting a huge benefit out of taking Adobe with from Flash (the Silverlight competitor) to Adobe and their other offerings under one roof. My money is still against an acquisition though but of course, I’m just speculating. Want to join in? What do you think they were talking about when they weren’t showing off their favorite iPhone apps?


  1. For completely different reasons I would love to see Adobe under the Microsoft umbrella. For me i’d love to see Microsoft put it’s weight behind Adobe and its video editing suite and counter Fincal Cut. They (Adobe) already have a superior multimedia design suite to Apple just need the extra push to get excluve plug-ins and stuff that makes Final Cut a preferred choice for many.

    As for smartphones I think a strategic alliance would benefit Adobe far more than Microsoft. Flash does lower the battery time and I want all i can get.

  2. If Google acquire Adobe, then it will be more sensible acquisition. They dont have any products which overlaps.

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