tim-cook-and-steve-jobsThe rumors have been rampant, but now it looks like everyone waiting for the next iPhone, the iPhone 5 will finally see the device in the hands of the new CEO for Apple, Tim Cook. As everyone knows Steve Jobs has resigned from the CEO role with Apple and has turned the reigns over to the capable hands of Tim Cook. There is a lot of hype around the announcement that will come from Tim Cook, but other than the fact that this is not the Steve Jobs show, it is business as usual. I think it is the next device from Apple that will have Tim’s vision and signature on and hence the standards on which he will be judged. Steve Jobs still was at the helm for much of this device’s development and hence, could be considered his farewell device. It would have been great to see Steve make once last announcement, with his last device, but we all know his health is his primary concern.

So Tuesday October 4th will be the big day, for what is expected as a new design, perhaps only slightly different than the iPhone 4 but with a larger screen, and running iOS 5. The second part of the announcement and of great interest is the cost driven version of the iPhone to be released slated the 4S. While news that AT&T will have a white version of the 4S, the real news is at what cost this device will be sold at. It appears that a $99.99 contract price or $350 dollar off contract price are very possible and designed to go after the middle Android Market and the onslaught of devices that have flooded the market.

The sleeper for Apple remains Microsoft. Windows Phone has a new OS coming out and some very nice devices. Mango has been tested by Mobility Digest and it is has been a big hit. Couple a new operating system with some very nice devices and Apple will have to be looking over both shoulders as the competition heats up this holiday season!

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on any news coming from Cupertino!



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  2. I can barely wait, the anticipation is killing me!!
    i pray the next iPhone is better than sliced bread and toilet paper. these rumors\reports are just wearing thin
    Anyone else find it funny that both Jobs and Cook look so similar? i guess the whole apple is uniform mantra goes deeper than just their OS and products

  3. Just bought the Atrix 2 two weeks ago, at the same time smnoeoe was bringing back their 4s back due to numerous dropped calls. The Atrix 2 has been great no problems. Maybe Apple will make a phone that works as a phone next time. Nice review.

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