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Could there be two iPhone versions released in September?

Earlier today we showed you a concept design of a radically new iPhone that could be released as the iPhone 5 running iOS 5, new A5 dual core processor, larger curved display, 8mp camera, and perhaps an external antennae. However, a lot of analysts have suggested that this new hot rod iPhone would not be the next iPhone, but we could expect only a marginal upgrade perhaps called the iPhone 4S. The hot rod version of the iPhone, or iPhone 5 would be released next year. Still rumors supporting both devices continue to circulate and a lot of folks have been left wondering what we can expect.

If you are Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore then you may have a better crystal ball than the rest of us because Chris is suggesting that we will see BOTH versions of the iPhone come September.  That’s right, an iPhone 5 battleship device and a scaled down iPhone 4S with only a handful of updates. Sounds crazy right? Apple has always released the best possible device that always carried a $200 dollar price tag for the serious tech enthusiast. But the times, they are a changing as the some goes and with only one device, Apple could see market share and sales decline to the army of Android devices that are currently getting activated at a rate of 500,00 per day! Apple of course is not going to peddle their OS to other device OEM’s similar to what HP is now being rumored to be doing with giving webOS to Samsung to have a play with. So it could stand to reason that Apple is considering making a low end iPhone that would come in at a lower price point and appeal to mid range customers in the $300-$500 dollar retail price range.

Chris states:

"With Nokia and RIMM struggling," he writes, "the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share."

As Whitmore sees it, an iPhone 4S that is unlocked, priced around $349, and comes with a pre-paid voice plan would "drive significantly greater penetration" into an addressable market that has grown to include 1.5 billion potential customers in 98 countries, two thirds of whom prefer pre-paid plans.

Two iPhones released in September could definitely explain why there are so many conflicting rumors coming from analysts. I also find it very difficult to believe that Apple would launch an OS, iOS 5 and not put it on a device that would be unique from the current iPhone 4 version. We know iOS 5 is in it’s second beta that developers and other media sources have been using, so it is very certain iOS 5 is coming hot and heavy.

Again, all this is the speculation of Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore who is advising his clients the expect two devices. We are still 45-60 days away from finding out the truth from Steve Jobs, who will walk out and drop the real story on us. I just hope we see the antennae and screen size in at least of of the updates this September! Let us know what you think, I added a poll for to have some fun with!

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