So Stevey said that the iPhone deathgrip problems isn’t really their problem. It’s everyone’s problems. See, before taking any responsibility, first he wanted to make it clear that all other phones are also f@cked up. Even yours. Let’s go through it one at a time.

So he winds up giving away a bumper to every iPhone user (or reimburse you if you already bought one) but he sort of missed the point. While he claims that you can deathgrip any phone, there’s only one that you can ‘deathfinger’ and that’s the iPhone 4. See, there’s a single vulnerable point that you can’t touch at all. Wrapping your hand around and touching that point at the same time is the infamous deathgrip – it exposes two vulnerabilities at once and it weakens the signal substantially. The first vulnerability is that singular point, the second is that all phones have an antennae and covering it could lead to a degraded signal. Both points line up on the iPhone pretty simply though. And as an aside, the reason it’s not a real deathgrip is because we’re just degrading a signal- not eliminating it. So if you are in an area with strong reception then the deathgrip won’t matter but if you have two bars then it will drop the call. That’s why they rolled out a software update to fix the number of bars you’ll see so that way it won’t be so dramatic when the deathgrip works (since you’ll already be in an area with weak coverage).

Getting back to the fact that all phones can be deathgripped. Again, there’s only one phone where tape matters and that’s the iPhone. Onto the broader issue of if you can degrade a phone signal by holding the phone in a certain position. It should be true of most phones. If you cover an antennae then it is weakened. But try to do it. I can’t find a method of holding my HD2 that will degrade the signal a single bar. And therein lies the difference. You may have to work at deathgripping your phone. The iPhone 4 is deathgripped by design.

But let’s see what you think. Can you deathgrip your phone? Hold it however you can. The bottom likely holds the antennae to protect radiation from your face. Can you get any signal degradation? I can’t and I’ve tried it on an HD2, Bold and Tilt 2. No degradation whether I’m in an area of good or weak reception…


  1. Nope, my Telstra HD2 has not issues. My Tilt 2, Fuze, and original Tilt all do not have death grip issues. The only Death grip I get is when my wife sees all these devices sitting around. LMAO!

  2. The other thing to note is that I can hold my HD2 however I like (even in weak signal) and it won’t drop the call. The iPhone 4 does, and will, drop calls if you hold it.

  3. I’ve tried “deathgripping” my HTC Pure in as many ways as I can think — and in two different locations (one with better-than-average reception and one in the boonies that sometimes gives me connection troubles). Didn’t notice any change in the signal strength.

    Is it wrong to feel a sick kind of pleasure at watching Apple’s arrogance bite ’em in the bum?

    Really looking forward to the Windows Phone 7. C’mon, Microsoft! Learn something here. Don’t let your partners screw up the hardware like this, and be quick to be humble when mistakes are discovered.

  4. @ Doc – we’re not suppose dto take joy in the pain of others…but it’s Apple. If they stopped gloating for one second we probably all wouldn’t wish bad things upon them constantly.

  5. I have deathgriped my HTC Fuze and noticed it dropped from four to one bar…. by death grip i mean, holding it tight by the bottom with both hands. Holding it normally seems to have no affect.

  6. Why doesn’t Apple just push an update that requires all iPhone 4 users to make phone calls using WiFi ONLY! Problem solved. And no cost to corporate. iPhone users won’t complain (as per recently posted video) and wimpy AT&T won’t say a word, for fear of losing favored status.

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