A friend posted on Facebook this morning that she & her husband had been awoken at 3:30am by their dog barking. After yelling for her to shut it, they went back to sleep.

When morning came, they had to apologize to the dog: the friend’s purse, sitting by the door, had been stolen. (Luckily, the barking seems to have been enough – the Macbook Pro 4 feet away was untouched).

Enter Find My iPhone to save the day! With the police right there, they pinged the phone and realized it was only a few short blocks away. They got near, set the audible alarm and presto! The police found the purse, iPhone and all, under a doghouse, waiting to be picked up by the thief.

So is Find My iPhone worth it? She might say “Yes” now. And I hope that the dog is getting a nice, juicy steak tonight!

Me, I’m moving my purse’s resting area away from the door immediately.


  1. Now, all the articles I looked at for this were at least 2 years old. They all said that you had to use another iDevice to find the missing one. Is that still true? And do you still need to register (and pay) for the MobileMe service? I couldn’t find the answers to those.

  2. oh yea its worth it! i always enable it, even on my Microsoft devices! Its always good to have one last layer of hope!

  3. Absolutely it is worth it. I lost my iPhone When I left it on the bed rail of my truck. I had no idea where it was at. When I realized it was gone I had already left the house and had no idea where it would be. I used a friend of mines iPhone and was able to located in the middle of a 4 Lane Rd. Find my iPhone put me within 15 feet of my missing iPhone. Luckily I was able to take it back to Best Buy and get it replaced.

  4. Only worth it if the person does not know what they are doing and if the police is willing to cooperate. My brother had his note 2 stolen along with his jacket in Chicago a few weeks back and he had a tracking app on it but that was of no use because the person who stole the phone turned the phone off after some time. Google latitude was also on it so we saw that the phone had moved and had a few location pings. The phone did come back on at one point and we were able to track the location. We contacted police and they simply stated there is nothing they can do even if we have the location. Apparently they get so many lost/cell phone claims they dont have time to investigate them all.

    • Exactly. My daughter lost her iPhone 4 immediately after we bought it at school. We traced who took it and complained it to police, but no use. I think Marti’s friend is lucky and in Doug’s case he was lucky that none touched the phone other than the road. :)

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