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Arcane Legends Comes to iOS for Free

So Arcane Legends has been out for a couple weeks on Android but now it’s on iOS. It’s usually the other way around isn’t it? They come to iOS first then come to Android? Anyway, it’s free and it’s an MMO type game so why not give it a try on either platform..


-Gamers can now conjure magic on their iPads, iPhones and iPods with the Retina display-optimized fantasy Co-Op RPG Arcane Legends from Spacetime Studios. The game has been downloaded more than two million times and played in 191 countries since it launched two weeks ago on Android devices and the Chrome Web Store.

Arcane Legends is the fourth title in the highly popular Legends franchise. The previous Legends titles, fantasy Pocket Legends, sci-fiStar Legends, and horror Dark Legends have been downloaded more than twelve million times, making it the world’s largest cross-platform mobile/desktop MMO franchise.

“We are extremely excited to deliver another evolution in mobile multiplayer gaming. Arcane Legends incorporates the most popular elements from each of our games and introduces new features such as blistering combat, fully interactive pets and 3D cut-scenes,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios.

Arcane Legends marks Spacetime Studios’ most ambitious and expansive product to date largely due to the game’s innovative “Companion” system that allows players to collect a myriad of powerful and mystical pets for use in combat. Players will select companion pets to complement their play style, evaluating the merits of each animal’s combat skills and buffs. Pets level automatically as they adventure alongside players, gaining access to new skills and abilities. There are 36 pets available at launch with more scheduled for future free updates.

Set in the fantasy world of Arlor and beset on all sides by evil forces, players must battle foul goblins, trolls, necromancers and much more in their quest for glory and gold. Players help the local townsfolk as well as a host of exotic and magical animals, enrolling the latter to join them as battle companions.

Arcane Legends is free on the App Store, Google Play and the Chrome Web Store. It will be coming soon to the Kindle Fire. The game features optional microtransactions for virtual currency that enhance the play experience in a wide variety of ways.

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