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Is Find My iPhone worth it?

A friend posted on Facebook this morning that she & her husband had been awoken at 3:30am by their dog barking. After yelling for her to shut it, they went back to sleep.

When morning came, they had to apologize to the dog: the friend’s purse, sitting by the door, had been stolen. (Luckily, the barking seems to have been enough – the Macbook Pro 4 feet away was untouched).

Enter Find My iPhone to save the day! With the police right there, they pinged the phone and realized it was only a few short blocks away. They got near, set the audible alarm and presto! The police found the purse, iPhone and all, under a doghouse, waiting to be picked up by the thief.

So is Find My iPhone worth it? She might say “Yes” now. And I hope that the dog is getting a nice, juicy steak tonight!

Me, I’m moving my purse’s resting area away from the door immediately.