Figured I’d start off Valentine’s Day with a real love story. Ever since I’ve had my HTC 8525 I’ve had the same ringtone. You may think it’s generic but I’ve known her for years. And when I got my Focus I loaded it up and it was like being home. Then I got my Titan and being that it’s all fast and new and untouched I haven’t unlocked it or played with it at all yet. So much so that I haven’t even loaded a ringtone (even though now it’s a lot easier in Mango). So, the other day I was messaging with Mr Smith and he was asking me about how to get ringtones on a Windows Phone. I told him to just go into the Marketplace and search for a ringtone app and it’s a no brainer to find one and to prove it I did just that.  While we were IMing I downloaded the free Nokia Lumia Ringtone app. I thought the Nokia lumia Chorus tone was at least tolerable so I loaded it up. Well my cell is a backup line to my office so calls rollover to it so it goes off a lot…and now it got me…it’s got me good. So much so that now I let my calls go an extra tone just to hear it play a few extra notes. I know I should be ashamed of this but it’s the truth and today seems like the right day to share it with the world. I love my ringtone!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go call myself…

All joking aside, it’s the little things like this that make these phones personal and make us appreciate them. So what tones keep you going?


  1. I have had “The Office” intro theme for 3 years now. Its so bad that if my phone gets an update that affects the ringtone I don’t even notice the phone ringing.

  2. Still sporting that HTC ringtone that you snagged a couple years ago DavidK. Guess when I get my N900 I will have to come up with something else. Ha ha.

  3. Lol, after I read your article, I felt bad because I thought about my old WinMo ringtone Flamenco Fire. I loved that ringtone. I erased it from my computer when I got Windows Phone figuring I would never get to use it again. For sh*ts and giggles, I downloaded the Free Ringtone app. I did a search figuring there’s no way they could have it. WTF, it was there! Listened to ten times. So happy to have it back.

  4. @Chris, Ha ha I still hear that in my office from time to time and think oh crap what has Jack gotten himself into now.

  5. Years ago, I put the theme for the new Battlestar Galactica on my wife’s Motorola RAZR. She loved it, and it was awesome.

    Now, it’s my phone. It is still pink, and the Cylons are ominously close to wiping out humanity every time someone calls me.

  6. For a while I’ve been using the “Looney Tunes” intro. I get fond memories of Bugs Bunny every time someone calls.

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