I can remember a time when 300,000 apps was enough for anyone to choose from. Not anymore. At least 1,000,000 as I am made to understand. If you spent 15 seconds looking at each App Store app, it would take you 261 days, assuming 16 hours a day. The other 8 hours, your phone would charging, 783 times actually. – Jimski

That excludes my few apps that are coming, Office Lens Pro ( They need to come with a better name without getting hitched by Microsoft), Tube Notes and few religious apps that I’ve been asked to work on. – Ram

The number doesn’t matter. Still missing things. In the last day I would have used ADT and Disney if they had apps. Instead I was using third party and I don’t trust security information in this party apps – how can I tell if they intercept the data? – David K

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  1. DavidK
    If the enterprises are not releasing apps for all platforms, let them F*ck themselves. ADT is crap anyway, and I am moving to AT&T shortly. If they can’t provide what customers want, they will close the shop eventually. Remember you start counting numbers with 1 and that first one is myself.

    ADT thanks for not supporting WP and why should I support you by paying nearly $70 every month for your crappy service.

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