OK this may be the time to put your words on the line. There’s been recent noise that Nokia’s initial sales of Windows Phones may be really low and not even breach 500k for the quarter. That’s driven down the price of the stock. To prevent this from getting out of hand, Nokia had some of their retailers talk about how well sales are and confirm that this is the best launch for any recent Nokia phone. Of course, we’re not at the point of knowing for sure as there are no sales figures. So for those of you that are convinced that the negative noise is misguided, are you going to put your money where you mouth is?

Of course, this isn’t a stock site and we give no advice, yadda yadda and I know nothing about stock valuation but watching the stock trend on our little ticker has to get you thinking about whether this is a downward spiral or a value buy…

So, what is it?


  1. I’m buying up as many shares as I can afford.  Flimsy, agenda based, reporting is driving the price down.  They have carrier support which, as you know, means a ton. Add that to the massive marketing they are doing on a rolling basis plus they have a plan in place. They aren’t in scramble mode, they are following their plan.  Value pick for sure!

    Now how about that Apple stock slide nobody is mentioning?

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