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APP REVIEW: Search All by Idea Mars

I have had the honor of testing out Search All
created by Idea Mars ( aka Ramanathan Subramaniam ).

Free Version Download :

AD Free Version Download (PAID VERSION) :


Have you ever get tired of always switching between search engines to find what you are looking for on the internet?

Always wanting to type in a search name once while searching several engines without typing again?

Well now you can with SERCH ALL. (Yes I know I sound like one of those Infomercials.)

Ok but for real now, this app is a web searchers companion. I have found that I can type my search phrase once ( say ) and search severeal search engines without any further typing ( see pictures 1 through 5 ). All I had to do was click the little icon to the left of the search box and it opened a list of search engines most commonly used. The list includes bing, google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, youtube, and many others used in everyday searches.


Pictures 1 though 5

One of the great little tricks I have discovered is a quick link bar that sits under the search box (see pictures 6 and 7). In this quick link the user can program the most used search engines the user uses the most. For example I like to use google, and bing a lot. With the quick links all I have to do is touch the search engine I want and (cloud smoke) POOF (cloud smoke) the search engine that was chosen is now being used.


Picture 6 and 7

Oh and one more thing…….if you want to open the program in the full Windows Phone Internet Browser than all you have to do is click on the “OPEN IN IE” icon at the bottom of the screen (see picture 6 above).

Another feature to mention is the developer has also included a way to search your phone of contacts like phone numbers, emails, and names in your contact list.  With this feature it truly makes this app a SEARCH ALL App you must have.  Everything a user could need all in one app.  This feature is a nice feature to have for the person always on the go.

My final thought of SEARCH ALL app by Idea Mars is a strong 4 out of 5. Overall the app is very simply to use. The search engies included (several might I say again) is well planned out, the only issue I found to be a small issue is when the app opens the keyboard is automatically opened. Where yes it needed to be used for the searches, but it takes away from the well thought out app and the app screen the developer made.

I would give this app 5 out of 5 if the developer would not let the keyboard open when first opened. Instead have the keyboard open when the user touches inside the search box when the user is ready to do a search.

Like I have said I did find overall this app very useful specially when I needed to search several engines and only wanted to type one time.

To the developer keep up the good work and look forward to future upgrades to this app.


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