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Is This HTC’s Customization Of Windows Phone 7? I Hope So

Never know what to make of a YouTube video that clearly shows some awesome WP7 customization and it’s clearly HTC’s. The corner even says ‘HTC Confidential’ and ‘for internal use only’ and the video isn’t the work of an amateur. With that said, it looks AWESOME. You get the HTC feel like you would from Sense but it’s clearly WP7 all the way. And you get to see the apps they have as well. First up is a 3D notes app that you can sticky as a tile to the home screen. Great 3D effects and really well put together. Of course, we’ll have to see how far the ‘copy’ portion works on day one. Next is a weather app. Again, slick as hell with all sorts of incredible animations that blow Sense away. There’s a stock application that looks great (still just stocks though). And a well made 3D Love Me/Love Me Not game/application. Not sure how that ties in to the rest of this. On the home screen you can also see a tile for “HTC Portal” and a flashlight application. I’ll let you guys speculate wildly on all of this but I really really hope this is the real deal.

OH the video:

How many times did you change your pants during this one? I watched it twice…sad but true.