Wow this one just slipped right in there. Just the other day we had some impressive screenshots and a video of Monkey Mini Golf and now it’s live. I gave it a quick go and…yeah it’s the real deal. It looks and plays just like the video. A great little feature lets you toggle the camera angle which helps to figure out the angles and play the way you want to. The controls are simple. On the first putt you get to slide left/right to decide where to start, then slide to direct the angle you are aiming, then tap to start swinging and a second tap when it’s at the right power level. I didn’t even know but according to the site the game theme will change with the time of day you play it – very smart. It also has a ‘three bananas’ scoring system reminiscent of Angry Birds so there’s a high replay value.

Need a reminder as to what it looks like?

Ready to try it? The first 3 holes are free and if you want to unlock all 9 it’s just $2. Score!


  1. I dunno if this is public knowledge but we Aussies had a wanker minister in parliament complain about how apple hadn’t adjusted the cost of apps in Australia to reflect the new strength of the Aussie currency. Currently 1 AUD buys 1.09 USD but in the past it has lingered around 0.70 USD. It looks like MS took the cue and did the same because everything in the marketplace is finally more affordable. FYI this is now available to Aussies for 2.49 which is still abit of a rip off but we do have a 10% Good and Services Tax and countless others no doubt. Also, I beleive this is an Aussie developed game.

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