I’ll let the description of Queef Fraîche speak for itself:

Are you bored with all of the cookie cutter fart apps on the Marketplace? Are you ready for something fraîche? Then look no further! Queef Fraîche will make you laugh and might even make you cry by simulating that most elusive of all farts; the queef! Simply open the app and touch the screen and prepare to laugh! Hand it to an unsuspecting friend and watch their reaction or hand it to your wife and run! Any way you use Queef Fraîche you are sure to have a laugh. That is what Pranklets(tm) are all about!

I’m not proud of it but I’ll give it this much – it is funny.

FYI it’s $3 [reduced to $.99 now] and there’s no trial mode if this did tickle your interests.


  1. I will never understand the fascination with farting… in the movies, in the apps, anywhere.. why do people think it’s so funny?!

    That’s actually a good question Kristofer. Also, why this queefing is a few levels more extreme in that sense, that’s another good one. Let me see if I can try to tackle it while sounding intelligent or at least pompous.

    I suspect it has to do firstly with the linguolabial trill, the sound, often loud and disruptive, unusual and associated with a subsequent putrid odor, matter in the air that maybe squeezed its way through actual human poop to reach the outside world, and because the farter knows that his fart can possibly be auditorially traced if he isn’t already a usual suspect, and because of how when we were tiny it was ingrained into us that doodie (and therefore doodie sound and doodie air) is bad everywhere except in a toilet. So because the farter, unless it was intentional or he just doesn’t care anymore and would opt to release this gas regardless of his company, is presumed to have these taboos, it may be natural to empathize and feel that person’s embarrassment about something we all do a few dozen times a day and that’s funny.

    Or it’s just a bonding thing.

    The other end, the farter who thinks its funny to fart, the Dutch ovening types, … well, that’s just sadistic delight. I don’t mean sadistic as in you’d have to be a sadist to do that but have you ever give a girl the ol’ Dutch oven? That’s some funny shit right there, depending on what you’d been eating.

    It’s so funny that people have gone to great lengths to create remote farting apps on all platforms, some very sophisticated, triggered by either SMS or even by a click on the perp’s web browser (someone’s actually made a phone fart app web server).

    And it’s funnier still (in our earlier years I’d hope) if it’s a girl as embarrassment is much more pronounced on that side of the gender aisle, but not if the girl is vaguely attractive. Then it’s just a damn shame. The worst? Would-otherwise-have-been really pretty girls who make it their thing to burp and fart in social settings. Stop that.

    I’m not even going to touch this queefing distinction, it’s just too repulsive, even just the word’s assonance without visualizing the act.

  2. Hahahahaha… John is right, it is 99 cents now… This is pretty damn funny, this is gonna be fun come drunk night! :D Let’s see Steve Jobs approve an awesome app like this on the iPhone :D

  3. AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Queef Fraise. That is the funniest thing i have ever seen. I have never laughted so hard at an app. Im sure this has a referece to the last episode to south park which was also funny as hell haha. blessed be the name of the person who developed this app. haha

  4. @Doug Simmons, That is a good point. I wonder if it will get pulled? I would hope not since it is just a funny application. Some might find it offensive but that is true for virtually any app :D

  5. This app is just funny, the real low is all of the “rich” app trying to scam people out of $499.

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