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Is This The New Marketplace Low?

I’ll let the description of Queef Fraîche speak for itself:

Are you bored with all of the cookie cutter fart apps on the Marketplace? Are you ready for something fraîche? Then look no further! Queef Fraîche will make you laugh and might even make you cry by simulating that most elusive of all farts; the queef! Simply open the app and touch the screen and prepare to laugh! Hand it to an unsuspecting friend and watch their reaction or hand it to your wife and run! Any way you use Queef Fraîche you are sure to have a laugh. That is what Pranklets(tm) are all about!

I’m not proud of it but I’ll give it this much – it is funny.

FYI it’s $3 [reduced to $.99 now] and there’s no trial mode if this did tickle your interests.