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JAMM Interviews SPB Software

JAMM has been doing a series of interviews with the big software developers and they’re pretty interesting reads. It gives you a good sense as to what’s actually going on out there when they’re considering releasing products and supporting OSes so it’s a nice picture of where things are and where they’re headed. For example, it appears that Microsoft was in touch with SPB about WP7 so they knew what to expect and it also seems like SPB will support WP7 but they’re still figuring out the apps. It seems like a UI replacement is out of the question but SPB has more than enough other apps that I hope they’re considering porting.

Anyway,that’s just the tip of the iceberg for JAMM. They also have interviews with Resco, Astraware, SBSH, Ilium, Lakeridge and DDH so check them out.