Michael Rose at TUAW (that’s The Unofficial Apple Webblog) posted the system requirements for Apple’s brand new cloud services platform, iCloud. Unfortunately, Windows XP will not be joining in the iCloudy goodness.

Windows XP, which will turn 10 years old in October, is still the world’s most popular OS with almost 53% of the global market share according to StatCounter. The omission by Apple leads me to one burning question: F&*# are you doing, Stevie Turtleneck?!  Mac OS, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the operating systems that are supported, have a combined global market share around 45%. Adding Windows XP would more than double that number.  Why would you exclude XP?!

Playing devil’s advocate/”America is the best country in the world, who cares about anyone else,” the market share gap in the US isn’t as extreme.  XP has 37% of the market; Vista and Windows 7 have 23% and 22% respectively.  I suppose in looking at those numbers, we can see why XP wasn’t included.

Nah!   I can’t .  It’s still asinine.  There’s no good reason why computers that can run the latest versions of iTunes, can’t support services like “iTunes in the cloud.”  It’s in the damn name!  Good grief.  Wearing suede shoes in the snow makes more sense than this.

In my opinion, SkyDrive/Zune Pass and Google Docs/Google Music still seem like better options than iAnything right now.  At least on paper.  And on a XP Machine….





  1. Hey umm I think your stats are off last I heard win 7 had overtaken XP in the USA and was like just trailing globally

  2. @mg6: That’s the assumption I had when I wrote the article. I remember reading a maximum PC Article in April that said the same thing but it was a month to month look. Looking at year to year numbers, which the source links in my posts are, you can see the difference. Additionally, with the links that I’ve used, you can alter the timeframe and country if you’d like.

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