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Google’s Do No Evil Gets Exposed!


We at times poke fun at Google for dominating the search market and their seemingly endless desire to saturate any and all markets, gain as much data on the consumer and get businesses to pay handsomely for the right to exploit the data. This story is about something not just advantageous to Google but downright the opposite of Do No Evil.

Below is an excerpt of how Google went after Mocality’s customers with lies and deceit. It just wasn’t the cost of doing business but a glimpse into how Google conducts its business and keeps growing at an exponential place. Mocality decided to conduct a sting operation after discovering a trend of their customers’ contact data being viewed. Mocality had changed the code in their search to redirect search results 10% of the time to a number which would be rerouted to their call center if accessed by the offending IP address. Here is an example of what happened.

“I’d like you to meet Douglas. On this call (first 2 minutes) you can clearly hear Douglas identify himself as Google Kenya employee, state, and then reaffirm, that GKBO is working in collaboration with Mocality, and that we are helping them with GKBO, before trying to offer the business owner a website (and upsell them a domain name). Over the 11 minutes of the whole call he repeatedly states that Mocality is with, or under (!) Google.

Between 10am and 1pm on December 21st, we received 6 others just like it (from 5 different Google Kenya employees) before switching back to normal service. We estimate that this team were calling 20-25 Mocality business per hour, since 7 calls over 3 hours, only 10% of calls redirected: 7*10/3= 23.3. calls/hour)

On all calls, the same script is followed – A Google Kenya employee calls a Mocality business and tries to deceive them into signing up for their competing product, by claiming that we are working together.”

Are you shocked and disgusted yet? If not there is a lot more to the story and shows just how tenacious and deceitful Google tried to go after one of their better customer’s business lifeblood.

Do no evil? Hardly.

Source: Google What Were You Thinking