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Why does Amazon think HTC Titan lacks the features Focus S has?

Yes, Amazon Wireless beta site thinks that a lot of features are not available to HTC Titan where Focus S has support for them. They include AT&T 4G (well HSPA+), Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, Tethering, Mobile Hotspot readiness, International calling, Instant Messenger, Web browser, and WiFi. Also thinks that HTC Titan is not Exchange Ready, doesn’t have a MP3 Player. Yikes.

Hello Amazon, it is a Windows Phone and by default every Windows Phone 7 out there will have all of those features in built. Please update your system to make sure that you are not giving out wrong information. If that phone doesn’t have WiFi, and Web browser at least, how could it be claimed as a s

Here is the comparison webpage for your entertainment.martphone is beyond my knowledge.