Holy crap…no I won’t tell you about it. This is a mandatory watching experience:

OK so what is this? This is 5D. A new beta retail platform from Razorfish (Microsoft marketing arm effectively). You can check more out here but this is the type of stuff that changes the way we shop and it’s awesome.

I’m going to watch it again

via istartedsomething


  1. @Jimski – that wasn’t a tablet – that’s actually a 20″ Windows Phone. It’s the Dell Super Duper Streak ;)

  2. Nothing will replace trying on clothes (the fit, the drape is different for everyone’s body), but that’s pretty exciting! Probably only to us gadget freaks, though ;)

  3. And nothing will replace handwritten letters, this e-mail thing will never take off!

    Just having a little fun, I know what you mean. But compared to buying something online or from a catalog and just seeing a picture, that is way better.

    I also can’t wait for the Windows 8 tablets!

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