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High Volumes of App Submissions Continue For Windows Phone Marketplace–Now 7 Days to Publish

Last month we reported that Microsoft’s Registered Developer newsletter noted that apps are taking an additional 24-48 hours for approval because of high volumes of submissions. Well things are getting worse according to the Newsletter that came out today:

App Certification and Ingestion Delays 
                                    Due to high submission and update volumes, the app certification process is continuing to take longer than it has previously. It is currently taking at least 7 calendar days to certify and publish apps, and that could increase now that new Marketplace consumer markets are coming online. We recommend that you submit for certification well in advance of any desired publish date. Thank you for your patience as we continue to scale to handle the high volume of submissions.                                                                       

WOW. Good news as Microsoft has a real issue with the number of apps in the Marketplace (I know it should be quality and we’re talking quantity but blame the blogosphere for leading this stupid race). The real downside is some apps are not getting to our hands on time. There’s an awesome game called Brutal Chase that was resubmitted and while I have it on my phone the dev resubmitted it to get more visibility and that means you guys can’t play it yet. Anyway, Microsoft’s short term goal is a numbers game and they’re headed that way. Next move is to make devs happy and jut hire a few more testers to pump out apps quicker. One way or another, app submissions are an indication of interest in the platform so go WP!