Gizmodo has posted a nice little video from Howard Forums.  The comparison is very welcomed since HTC announced SLCD provides a “comparable visual experience…[with better] battery life” and would be shifting products like the Desire and Nexus One over to the SLCD from Samsung’s AMOLEDs due to production shortages at Samsung.  The video shows that the SLCD is about the same as the AMOLED and Super AMOLEDs but not quite as good in black levels, but is definitely superior to traditional LCDs.


  1. LCD is definitely the worst. Did you know you can save a lot of battery power by displaying a black background instead of white on a lot of these new phones? Even when using a site like Google you can use instead which is just like Google but has a black background.

  2. This imformation is a great help. Try to keep your imformation. I and other people need to understand about it. Thank you !

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