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Looks like Microsoft just black bagged the Reddit leaker…

A few days ago there were several news site reporting on this Reddit AMA.  This guy claims to have had 8.1 running on a couple of different phones and was answering questions left and right, probably to his own detriment.  He claims he works for Microsoft but is not part of the Windows Phone team.  Based on his word choice he’s definitely a young buck.  You see an AMA means “ask me anything” while he probably should have used the “ask me almost anything” or AMAA title.  Seems just a few hours after talking about not only 8.1 but also the forthcoming update that he referred to as 8.2 his account went silent and was then deleted.  Deleting the account removed all the comments he had left answering questions.  The post itself remains logged at the above URL but with no comments that were actually answering the questions with these juicy nuggets of future updates it doesn’t do much for anyone now.  Maybe it could act as a message of warning to those would-be leakers out there like the pike hoisted bodies of Vlad the Impalers enemies around his dinner table.  That’s how I would see it if I were thinking about leaking some shit Microsoft was keeping locked up deep in the vaults of R&D.  There were a site that managed to grab a good deal of the conversation, although most of it wasn’t too revealing other than the general word of “watch out for 8.2/9 whatever they call it awesome boners, blah”.  One news site I don’t enjoy linking directly to had a good run down of what the responses to questions were saved in their post.  You can probably find them if you happen to be a power user of windows mobile devices.  That’s as far as I’m going with that.  Let us know what you think about what may have happened to Mr. BAADFOOD1 from this reddit AMA.

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