Windows Phone Xbox - 08 November 2010
Author: David K

imageToday a lot of apps that were ‘approved’ but not live in the market went live. There are too many to count (and it’s difficult since the ‘release date’ is the approval date, not the launch date). For XBox Need For Speed Undercover, Avatar Gadgets, Halo Waypoint, More Bran Exercise and Guitar Hero 5 were all added. The game Time Dancer (the game/movie that’s a choose your own adventure style) also went live and NASA has an entry with NASA Be A Martian that has Mars videos, images and maps. The carrier market were set live as well (so you can get Ilomilo if you’re on AT&T). And of course, Google released a search app that’s pretty weak but it does include live search. Useless to me – I’d much rather use Bing’s live search (that I can verify does work in IE in Windows Phone). They keep marching…

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