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Expect Big Things From Windows Phone Gaming As 2013 Progresses

Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of the Unity 4 Middleware gaming engine open beta for Windows Phone. The SDK will allow developers to get start developing for both Windows and Windows Phone using the tools provided. This is the latest positive action taking place for Windows Phone 8 gaming. We’ve seen a recent run on games but people have been vocal in their desire to push the limits and bring more visually appealing games to the platform.

I recently wrote that the lack of middleware SDK from Unity, Havok, Marmalade, and Cocos2d-x was playing a big role in the immersive 3D we all want to play from appearing on the platform. Marmalade has released a new beta of its Windows Phone 8 SDK and Havok and Cocos2d-x have recently delivered their support.

GDC is currently going on and all these middleware gaming engine companies are showing off their support for Windows Phone 8. The hardware will get better and the software is sure to mature throughout the year. Developers are getting more comfortable with the coding tools and with BUILD 2013 coming up in June it stands to reason new features will be announced that will help developers bring richer, more immersive titles throughout the year.

I have more excitement and optimism for the platform than I ever have. Take a moment to look around the Windows Phone Store and see it feeling up with quality titles. Current titles are being updated to provide better user experiences and more is yet to come.

I’m expecting big things fro Windows Phone gaming and for the first time it looks like my hopes have not been misplaced.