Widely regarded as the best Windows Phone on the market, the Lumia 920 still holds its own against the soon to be kind of the world, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Nokia went out of their way to make some noise about the image stabilization on the Lumia 920, months later, it is still proving its worth. Not a knock against the heavy weight SG4, more of a “ya can’t take everything from us” for the Lumia 920 fans. Check out the video wmpoweruser stumbled upon below.


  1. The S4 will definitely attract the crowd of tech-hungry consumers. Such high specs, will definitely drain down the battery faster than current models. But good thing for Samsung, removable batts.

    However, for a true windows phone user, who is able to work around or live with the short comings of the WP os. We will just gladly wait for the next gen of WP devices.

    i guess they will just pull the crowd from the IOS community. Those who were disappointed with the improvements of Iphone 5.

    at the end of the day. True windows phone user are just glad of a working phone they have been holding in their hands.

    apps are just secondary

  2. Regarding the disparity of apps between WP7/8, Android and iOS, are you going to use 400k apps. Or how many of the 400k apps do pretty much the same thing. You know calculators, weather etc etc

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