This is a first for me. Browsed our site then clicked on our forums and bam! Look at that message (ignore the typo). It launches Marketplace and brings you to Board Express Pro.What’s interesting about that is that Windows Phones are actually following the sites you visit and comparing them to Marketplace. I want to note that this is the first time I’ve had this happen. I’ve tried other sites that have official apps (like Yelp, ESPN, Ebay, Amazon and FourSquare) and they do not launch this message.

Honestly, I like the popup. I’m sure some people will have conspiracy/privacy fears. I’ve opted into everything so I’m beyond that. And if there is an official app for something I like the phone telling me.

Anyone out there find other sites that trigger this action?

UPDATE: OK I was wrong and clearly didn’t know someone coded our site well and it is the site kicking out the message to all Windows Phones. Man more sites should do this. Good work guys


  1. Ehhh, that’s within the forum’s code actually (hence the misspelling), not a WP7 feature.
    And I just replicated on my NoDo device…

    Unless this is a shameless plug for our forums :)

  2. But a great idea either way to allow a website to look at the user agent of the device browser and prompt the user to download the app! Good way to get you app noticed.

  3. That happens on My Android Dell Streak 5 when I visit forums that use taptalk , and sometimes other sites with apps. And I do not appreciate it. Now it does not pop up every time, which makes it a little easier to take.

  4. @JR: Do you have any issuse with the Dell Widget Launcher crashing all the time? I get the error 1 out of 10 times I fire the Streak up. It does not appear to be an issue as everything resprings after that. (sorry for the iOS reference there)

  5. I think I see Dell stage launcher force closed 1/50 times. So, not very often, but sometimes. Nothing seems to come of it though, no user impact. I dropped out all those stage Widgets and just paste my icons to one of 3 home screens, I have 5, but don’t use them all. I have a music video playing as my live wallpaper,and it is nice to have a blank screen to see it.
    Overall I am satisfied with my Dell Streak 5 purchase,
    Dissapointed that I probably won’t see another official update, but I don’t know what I am missing either. Seem to have everything I want or need right now.
    I just want a couple of things about android changed, like browser and notification bar behaviors.

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