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Mango Can Detect When A Webpage Has An App

This is a first for me. Browsed our site then clicked on our forums and bam! Look at that message (ignore the typo). It launches Marketplace and brings you to Board Express Pro.What’s interesting about that is that Windows Phones are actually following the sites you visit and comparing them to Marketplace. I want to note that this is the first time I’ve had this happen. I’ve tried other sites that have official apps (like Yelp, ESPN, Ebay, Amazon and FourSquare) and they do not launch this message.

Honestly, I like the popup. I’m sure some people will have conspiracy/privacy fears. I’ve opted into everything so I’m beyond that. And if there is an official app for something I like the phone telling me.

Anyone out there find other sites that trigger this action?

UPDATE: OK I was wrong and clearly didn’t know someone coded our site well and it is the site kicking out the message to all Windows Phones. Man more sites should do this. Good work guys