After seeing so many apps updated to Mango over the past two weeks (Incuding my new favorite app), I reached out to Best Buy Customer Relations last week to find out when the Mango version of their app would be released.  Below is their response:

Hello E.Powell,

Thank you for filing a feedback for the Best Buy mobile app. I wanted to inform you that we are working on an upgrade for the app for Windows Mango version. This should be released as soon as the kinks and bugs are all worked out and unfortunately we do not have a set date yet. However, as we learn more we will communicate to our customers of the upgrade.

We are constantly improving and developing this app for one purpose: to serve you better. And, the best way for us to serve you, is to hear from you. We highly appreciate your ideas for features you would like to see (or fixes that need our attention) in future releases.

Thank you
Best Buy Mobile Apps Team

For those of you who need refreshing, skip to 6:06 to see Joe Belfiore’s demo of the app.


– Fight


  1. Actually they adopted Mango a few mhtnos before Linda had her first stroke. It was perfect timing, as Mango was a big part of Linda’s healing, and regaining mobility in her hands by brushing MangMang. The healing power of dogs is amazing, and Mango is a very special little dog who I’m thankful is in my family. This dog and person mean the world to each other, as is apparent by Mango looking for her Mama in ever vehicle that stops, and ending her wild run by leaping into Linda’s arms.

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