If you live on that border town between MS and Google and use Google Documents then there’s a new Windows Phone app for you. It’s called GDocs and it’s free. Here are the features:

GDocs is a simple client for Google docs for windows phone. Currently it supports:
* Viewing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms.
* Offline (no internet needed) viewing once downloaded.
More features will be added soon. Other highlights:
* “Download all” option allows you to have all your files available for offline viewing on the go.
* Very responsive and intuitive user interface.
* Your password is encrypted before saving. All communications with Google is over SSL (secure channel)


  1. Nice. And by the way, Google’s testing an MS Office add-on thing for those who are uncomfortable with using a web interface or are unnerved by offline whatever, it lets you do your thing in Office as you normally would, save locally, though it would also save cloud style where you can either edit it on your computer, your phone, or your other copy of Office back home.

    I kinda don’t like that, a concession that they haven’t made the web interface perfect, but some people will always prefer running office locally, period, so let them eat cake, right?

    By the way, I’m seeing a fair amount of WP commercials suddenly. Seems they’re not giving up. Nice. Just heard one playing behind me on the travel channel as I was typing this.

    Anyway, how’s that for non-combative?

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