in-yo-face-pandaSo, thanks to Doug S. and David K., I am Mango’d! Doug said, “Now write!” so here I am.

So for those who haven’t seen me around, I’m more of a slightly-above-average user: I don’t work in tech, I no longer have the passion to do so, but I still have the interest. I’m a female who loves shiny gadgets. (And football. Yes, my husband is a lucky man.) I’m not as technically savvy as most of the guys here, but hey. So here’s my first 24-hour thoughts of Mango.

It’s still nice and fast and responsive. I don’t know that I notice any faster speed – it was already nice and fast. At least I don’t notice any slowing, so that’s good.

panda-on-slideI love the integration of Facebook, Live, and Twitter in the People interface. I’ll still keep Birdsong on my tile page, but it’s moved down from the first 4 rows.

When I got my Surround, I put in all my emails, but quickly deleted all but the 2 most active. I didn’t need a work email at all (I was hourly and wasn’t paid to watch my email all day, so screw ‘em), and I really still prefer (out of habit?) to manage my emails on the desktop.
Now I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I have a primary carrier email, a secondary (read Facebook-linked) carrier email, a primary gmail, a junk gmail, and a hobbyist domain. (Plug: Have family or friends who do counted cross stitch? Send them to (http://www.bwbearproductions.) While most of the time I’m at the desktop, it might be nice to check my email on the phone, so I figured I’ll put them all on again. I’m thinking that I will stay with this because of the Linked Inbox feature. This is GREAT. No more tones of tiles just for email: 1 for personal, 1 for the hobby business. Loving this!

PANDAS-REDO2The Calendar. HOLIDAYS put in for you! I’m liking the Facebook integration too. I’d still like to be able to color-code things that I enter (1 color for husband, 1 for son, etc) but okay.

SMS. Well, sorry, I can’t speak to that. Unfortunately, because I’m not working at the moment, we’ve had to cancel SMS service. Which means we’ll pay more for less when we go back to it. Ouch.

IE. Having the URL box on the bottom might take some getting used to, but you know, putting on the bottom with the other commands has made more room for the browser, hasn’t it? So I’m okay with it.

kiss-pandasAnd that’s pretty much what I’ve looked at in the first 24 hours. What do I need as a technophile news junkie stay at home wife and mom? I need to be connected (integration – check+) to various outlets (FB, Twitter, news applications, audio – check+), a good calendar (face it, modern moms have to be really good with time management – check) and I need all that FAST (check+). Aside from a little color customization in the calendar, Windows Phone 7.5 has this in spades. And Pandas v. Ninjas. Because you can’t have enough pandas. And Everybody Needs a Ninja.


  1. You CAN make color coordinated schedules in your calendar. Just add new calendars in your live account and choose from a large variety of colors. You can also name it whatever you want. Tip: look for holidays and birthdays calendar.

  2. Eww. That’s a lot to manage, but I guess that would work.

    Addendum: I finally visited the new Marketplace. InTune, why didn’t I find you earlier!? At first I was like, “How do you see the reviews?” Then I noticed it’s swipe to see reviews, screenshots. That I like very much.

  3. Darn skippy! Time to warm up Audacity!!

    Addendum #2: OoooOOooo! So I was reading this on my phone after I woke up, still trying to stay under the warm blanket, and I decided to “share” the post from IE. Pre-Mango, the only options were email options (confirmed when we checked on husband’s Focus). Now in Mango you can select “Social options” and share on Live, Facebook and Twitter! That will get some use I’m sure! Another PLUS!

  4. @MartiM: Don’t forget that you can chat through windows live or facebook through the messaging hub. You can seamlessly switch and between text and facebook. If you don’t text you can just chat through faceboook if someone is online.

  5. u can set up google voice and make it so that it redirect sms to 1 email account. If u set it up to check “as soon as the item arrives” , it works as well as SMS. No need to pay extra for SMS :)

  6. boschi: In addition to SMS you can have it email your voicemail for the transcript and to let you listen to it as well. Also, you can check your voicemail with GV as you would check the old fashioned voicemail. You can also set up a PBX to bounce unanswered calls either in a company general voicemail or individual extensions to a Google Voice number/numbers then set Google to email the transcripts to whomever. Not necessarily a bad idea for a fairly small company.

  7. After adding a calendar you can continue to add events/appointments on your phone without having to go on It’s worth it!

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