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Windows Phone 7 off to a strong start

Windows Phone closed out its first month with a impressive 4000 apps alive and well in the Marketplace. I’m no match wiz, but that’s just about 1000 apps a week. Wowzers. Now we’re starting to see developers really getting use to the dev tools. Apps like the famed twitter app Beezz added live tiles and push notification support.

Microsoft themselves continue an effective ad campaign with the "really" commercials all over the air waves. For the most part the hardware manufactures are keep pace and up holding their end of the bargain (meet me in the parking lot Dell, we will settle this like men!) HTC just released their much needed Youtube app, and Samsung also just released a photo app with HDR support.

The people seem happy. There are only two dominant perspectives, those who love windows phone; and those who think its not ready just yet. But you will find no disgust surrounding the platform. Pardon my bias, windows fan or not, this is as strong a launch as we have ever seen. This is how its done! This is what was promised and it was delivered.

Make no mistake, there is still loads of work to be done. Microsoft knows this and I am confident they will keep the ball rolling. With the promise of updates coming in January, Microsoft has set the stage for proving grounds. I am excited to see the platform pick up even mote momentum in the coming months. Welcome home Microsoft, we missed you!