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Manila 2.5 Soft Key Frustration

Like many of you, I have been enjoying the great functionality and visuals of the newly ported manila 2.5 for VGA. But one source of frustration has been my inability to remap my Home screen soft keys. I tried the Soft Key Manager, TP Tweak, and AE Buttons. But they seemed permanently stuck on Action and Menu (both pretty worthless in my view).

Well, my fine Italian friend and Master of the Fuziverse, bbonzz (with credit to sztupy,, since Lua compiler/decompiler is his creation), created a simple batch file that you can run on your PC that generates a new manila file that, when installed in \Windows, will allow you to remap your left soft key (the right Menu soft key is coded differently and doesn’t seem modifiable). bbonzz gives you a number of remapping options and the ability to create your own button.

I used it to remap my left soft key and it works great! Here’s the link to my recent post on xda-developers.