NeoWin is stating that they have several sources all confirming a March 8 date for the first Windows Phone update. You know, the one that finally gives us copy and paste, makes Marketplace searches better and gives overall performance enhancement.

According to the sources – including someone well placed inside a European carrier – the update has been delayed due to last minute changes by Microsoft and/or OEMs. The update must then be tested by carriers for two-three weeks prior to launch.

Yes, I want it to be right. No, I don’t want it to take five months to get a relatively minor update.


  1. Seriously…? So much for the ‘January’ update.

    I really hope MS realizes that they’re not making any friends here. All they’re doing is pushing prospective (and current) customers away.

    I guess this supports the Windows Phone Facebook posting from earlier today as well. Sucks to be right, I guess.

  2. @Brianna: I’m just hopeful that the update sports some extra stuff other than was announced, making it worth it. When speaking with MS at CES, the gal told me that there were some ‘surprises’ included in it as well.

    I’d also like to think that this update patches several/most of the current bugs, such as not being able to update trial apps. Time will tell, I suppose.

  3. The cynicism is kinda old now. MS will put out a free update with stuff that may have been in it to begin with. But the other ones either took longer than MS is taking or made you buy a new device to get this simple stuff.

    C’mon… wake up.

  4. OK. It’s March 8th….. I still don’t have it. Has anyone received it or should we wait ANOTHER month?

  5. I’ve been waiting for this update myself. I’m more patient than most, and I’m just assuming there WILL be an update soon. Carriers take their time testing updates and it is likely that at&t is testing it now. This is just speculation, but the update is primarily for copy paste/ marketplace tweaking, so it should not have been a very time-consuming fix for programmers. I’m not totally dissatisfied with WP7, but I’d like to see some flash support soon.

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