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The shame of a Windows Phone junky

I have used WP since the beginning. Using a 1020 now in fact. Been there since day one, but…I just heard the headlines today from Apple. Let’s call it what as it is: They are three years ahead of Microsoft and nothing on the table appears to close that gap.
iOS is already in cars. It’s now used for home automation. Microsoft had theoretical ways to do this and old videos about this but no product to buy. New iPhones and watches are on the short horizon. Nothing is coming from Microsoft except old leaked patents. I love the flow keyboard. Looks like Apple does too. Love the camera on my Lumia but iPhones take five photos before I can take one. Both have Office… Heck they may have a better version. I’m trying to find where WP really shines and it’s tough. Yes I like the interface a lot. The ability to reply to an email with a PDF trumps it by a million. I can’t pick looks over functionality. The app gap is still enormous. Not the big apps… The every day apps are not developed for WP. Third party accessories are miles apart. Skype on WP is still a joke (don’t try to change a phone call to a Skype call which theoretically works but practically fails) and facetime still trumps it unfortunately. And iOS interacts with OSX yet WP and W8 don’t share things like notifications. This should have happened years ago.
Someone talk me back to WP. The speed of Microsoft is really tasking me. If you mention Xbox games you’re just lying to yourself.