From the entire staff here at MD, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Oh, and by the way…. What did ya get? No seriously, leave a comment, we want to know ;)


  1. Only tech thing: 4G panda USB drive. I collect pandas, ever since I saw them at the National Zoo as a child.

    Audio/Visual: The unabridged Narnia books on CD. (Read by the likes of Derek Jacoby, Patrick Stewart, Kenneth Brannaugh, and more.) DVDs: Murder on the Orient Express (Albert Finney. Also with Serious Name actors!), Rozencrantz & Gildenstern Are Dead, Vampire Princess Miyu vol 2, The complete Max Headroom series, and seasons 1&2 of Danger Mouse.

    Other: Nightmare Before Christmas cellphone charm (of course, smartphones don’t have those silly places for them, but I’ll do something with it…), panda pillow pet knock-off, “Baby Po” Hallmark ornament, coffee (beans) from a local coffee shop, coffee & hot chocolate pods for the Keurig, some trail mix, chocolate toffee covered macadamia nuts, a really nice little LED flashlight (great for the car), vodka, Sees candy & chocolate box, scratch off lottery that won nothing. And hubby will take me shopping for something nice in a couple of paychecks. :)

  2. A Remington 700 7mm Mag Rifle w/scope, bipod, sling, etc and a Wii U with a few games.

    Both are extremely fun :)

  3. Breath freshener, gift cards to Starbucks and amazon, 5lbs of red vines, some nice clothes, a sonicare toothbrush, Johnnie walker black label, cash and some other goodies.

  4. My kids shared the cost with my wife and got me a Sony MW1 Smart Bluetooth headset.
    Don’t believe the bad reviews, this is a cool device.
    I already have the MW600, and it works Great, but the extra functionality of the MW1 sounded like what I would want in a smart watch, except this has a headphone jack also.
    I really hate the wires after using the Motorola S9 + 10, but again, I wanted the extra functionality.
    Hope you all enjoy your new toys.

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