Messenger by Miyowa is the official Live Messenger for Windows Phone 7 and it jut got updated. You can now get push notifications, dynamic tile that tells you if you’re online or offline, you can change your wallpaper and you can save your messages. Great start. Unfortunately when I log on it logs me off of my PC, so despite the fact that you are able to log in to multiple locations using Messenger typically, the phone version doesn’t do that. So it’s ok on the go but not really the companion app it can be. Keep moving it forward and file sharinge/video chat would be nice – I don’t care if it’s one way only, this should be a major part of the paltform so don’t stop now.

Anyway, check for the update if you have the app installed.


  1. I was using it a bit today and it was pretty smooth but yeah, logging me out on my desktop is kind of annoying.

    To be honest, all these chat programs are pretty much useless to me until they are able to run in the back ground. I just want to have it on and forget about it.

  2. @Davidk:

    Right but I don’t think it will match the true experience of having the app running in the background. My understanding is that it keeps you online when the app is closed so people can still send you IMs. I think that it will help battery life this way but I am not fully convinced it will be the same experience. However, I am going to try it out but most of the IM-ing I do is on g-chat or yahoo. And I haven’t had that great of an experience with Flory or the yahoo messenger app just yet.

  3. It doesn’t look like the live tile or toasts are working for me or my co-worker.

    David – are they working for you?

  4. @Idrankbluekoolaid: I’ve never seen the live tile change but I don’t know if it thinks it’s online because my office has it online…probably not working. And I haven’t checked toasts because…well I’ve been sitting at my desk so I haven’t needed messenger but tonight I can log on at my phone, log on as a new user at my pc and see if anything happens in the background. Did you check the latest reviews on Zune? It’s a good palce to find out this stuff.

  5. @David K:

    I just checked the reviews (man people are ruthless) and it looks like the notifications are either delayed or don’t happen at all.

    Feel free to add me if you want a live person to test with.

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