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Herm’s a Windows Phone Developer Hero

Microsoft’s developer website has named Herm as a hero of the week. Pretty well deserved considering he has the #4 app overall and the #1 game in all of Marketplace with Paper Toss. And that’s only one of his 24 apps available in Marketplace ranging from a free speed dialer/webshortcut/sms dialer, the infamous Jack the Ripper fart app, the classic game of MASH and the addictive game Super Search.

Here’s how they report it:

Herm had been a software developer for some time, but got his start in mobile apps when he created one for fun and shared it with friends. “Shake & Win” is a lottery-number generator and when Herm’s friends played it, they encouraged him to make it available for others. He took their advice, and after seeing the app’s success, he decided to develop more. Hearing rumors about Windows Phone 7, Herm made up his mind to “jump in with both feet” and wasted no time before learning Silverlight and getting started on the platform!
He has since developed over 20 apps in one year, including a few with an international spin – Magic 8 Ball gives predictions in five languages, and in every game where players can score points, they can compete worldwide on the Global Scoreboard.
This developer hero’s superpower of choice would be teleportation, preferably to a beach for some relaxation after a long day’s work. We think Herm deserves it – he does both the development and the graphics for his games – so he’s clearly been hard at work! Other great apps include childhood games such as MASH and Paper Toss (pen, paper, and trash can no longer necessary!), and puzzle games like Peg Jump (even Herm is addicted to this one) and Super Search.
Herm believes that as Windows Phone 7 is a new platform, it is up to the developers to make it the best. He’s certainly doing his part and we’re looking forward to seeing his next app!

Congrats Herm and keep up the good work!

Check out his app here