CustomRingtonesYou really have to give Microsoft and the Windows Phone team credit.  They might seem slow to act but they don’t appear to be deaf.  Constant requesting of custom ringtones has resulted in the feature being featured in the upcoming Mango update for the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft hopes developers take the opportunity to tie custom ringtones into their music and sound related apps.

Check out the official blog post here: Custom Ringtones.

Source: Windowsteamblog


  1. Simmons just called me from his vacation (and you were wondering where weren’t you) and asked me make a few comment regarding this article. With the exception of some harsh language and words I would need to Google (chuckle) to figure out, here goes.

    Why in the HELL are you giving MS credit for adding a feature they damn sure should have had from the very beginning? Ringtones? Seriously…

    Second, if Ringtones is being “featured” in Mango, MS is screwed blued and tattooed!

    Go beat a spider to death on a “Super AMOLED HD” screen. NEXT!

  2. I jsut read the initial Window Blog post in full. those fuckers are smart. Any app that has sound can have a ‘make this my ringtone’ inclusion. And you can do it from within Zune and the ringtones are segergated from your mp3s so they won’t play in your music.

  3. @David K: …which you can do, because so much is integrated into the actual operating system instead of being scattered with Apps on different protocols. I see, I see…

  4. @David K: Exactly! Any app can have that inclusion. In time I have no doubt Microsoft will fill out the OS. They are taking their time and trying to figure out how everything can be implemented in a way that feels seamless and you don’t have to think about it.

    Simmons can talk all he wants, i’ll just keep loving my windows phone nad preparing to collect on our bet.

  5. “I just want them to add Adobe flash player.. That’s it!”

    I’ve come to the conclusion that they can skip flash altogether, especially with Silverlight, .NET, and HTML5. Yes, I know it’s prevalent on the web. But it also has gaping security holes.

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