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There Will Be A Nokia Windows 8 Tablet, he said it!

There Will Be A Nokia Windows 8 Tablet

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop took it upon himself to get us all riled up!

“We have not announced any plans to introduce a tablet product on Windows or any other platform. But what is quite clear is that the digital experience that people expect today is one that spans multiple different environments: the phone, the tablet, the PC certainly, with Nokia’s strength in mobility, this is an area we’re looking at very closely, and hope to be able to talk more broadly soon about what our perspective is on how to approach that opportunity. It’s a real opportunity,” he said.

Well then, I don’t know how you want to interpret that, but he most definitely did say he will be providing me with some sort of Nokia Lumia tablet goodness running Windows 8. After all, he didn’t say no.

Dear mr. Elop, come forth with the Windows 8 slab so that I may knight thee!


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