A lot of the announced partners for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 release do not come as a surprise, but it is nice to know us WinMo fans will have some HTC Goodness to look forward to! Pocket-Lint scored an interview with senior product manager for Microsoft, Greg Sullivan who confirmed that the following would be partnered with Microsoft for the release of Windows Phone 7 devices later this year:

  1. HTC
  2. Dell
  3. LG
  4. Samsung
  5. Asus

With Every MS Employee To Get a WP7 Device so they can Make WP7 Apps (For Free) and AT&T To Receive 8 Million Window Phone 7 Devices there is sure to be a huge pipeline to fill by the end of the year when Microsoft finally rolls out the devices that we have all been drooling over since Windows Phone 7 Technical Previews Released. Didn’t think I could link that many of our articles together to make that sentence did you? LOL Anyway, I am pretty excited at the prospect that I may eventually see the 4.3 screen WP7 Device from HTC, but with the list of manufacturers and constraints Microsoft has mandated, we should see some very nice hardware in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Devices.


  1. If Dell’s Lightning is the same as the render pic we saw a while back I think that sets the bar for phone aesthetics going forward. That is a very good thing because that looks to be a beautiful piece of hardware. I also think that it will have more internal memory than was originally planned for it.

    Now I know both Samsung and HTC are gearing up to release what they feel are beautiful and thin phones for launch. Fall can’t get here soon enough.

  2. Will WP7 phones have swappable batteries and larger OEM batteries? Since so much of my work day is handled on my Tilt2, spare batteries are a must.

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