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Retro Marv the Miner 2 Available for Windows Phones

Marv the Miner is a retro game that’s been available for Android  (with a rating of 4.7) and has now gone live in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s a retro platformer. here’s a video from the Android version:

And the WP7 description:

Ready for some retro platform action gaming? Yet another Marv The Miner adventure! Guide Marv through the mines of Kazarakt! Marv the Miner 2 is a classic retro platform game with over 50 levels where the main objective is to highlight all platforms to progress to next level. The game includes features such as teleports, ladders, transporters, elevators, springs, cannons, fire traps and different types of monsters like where bear, slime drop and fly dragons.

it’s available for $2.49 (no trial) and you can check it out here. The developer also has a few other games listed for Windows phone which are coming soon. They all appear to be Java games originally that are now being ported to all platforms so we’ll look for more from them in the future.