We were excited yesterday when phones that were forced to get the NoDo update through the Walshie Method (Chris Walsh’s work around) did get NoDo officially. Presumably, that was the end of the story and those phones were then brought in line with all other devices and they would get future updates, etc. That may not be the case as Brandon Watson tweeted yesterday:

My instinct is that MS doesn’t want to piss off that community of home devs and tinkerers that supported them for all these years and there will be future support but they seem to be taking a tough stance here, at least on paper.

To be continued…


  1. i can’t help but think a hard reset will put you back where you need to be when it comes to future update…

  2. I wonder if this applies to phones that used the time-based hack to get the update, by turning off the data connection at a certain time when checking for updates via Zune. If so, I will be royally pissed-off

  3. @ramon: I’m not sure because by running the update it may have overwritten the ROM so a hard reset would bring you to the NoDo ROM at that point.
    @qakgob: There’s never been noise from MS that the Hungarian/time methods screw up updates. They’ve specified that the Walshie method uses an API that wasn’t proper and that’s the issue.

  4. This is very bad from user point of view, but somehow Microsoft need to have the control over this otherwise it would really track them billion different scenarios…

  5. Hard reset won’t fix it, I have no Zune or Marketplace, no amount of resetting has fixed it so far. At&t told me to talk to Samsung, Samsung told me to talk to Microsoft.

  6. All I can say to this is that if they do follow through and do not allow future updates, I am gone. Android here I come.

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