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Featured App: ZuneCardr

zunecardrIf you’ve been a hard core Zune user from the beginning, you would have become depended on certain features surrounding the echo system. Having the Zune card available at any given time is one of these such features. Enter ZuneCardr. This app allows you to see top artist, favorites and even badges. The recent update allowed you’re the ability to stream the songs displayed in either category. Give this app a try, it definitely does the job while we hope and prey Microsoft will add this feature back to the lineup.


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WinMobile 7.0

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0.151 MB

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0.396 MB



View Zune Cards of members of the Zune Social and view their favourite tracks, recently played tracks and artists plus see any badges they have earned and their profile, you can also access Album, Artist information on and help discover new music and like-minded listeners!



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