pics-funny-stuffSo a little background for you folks: I pirate software because I’m poor.  I buy enough stuff, so let’s not get into this what’s right and wrong business because it’s not important to this piece of blogotry (like photography but with blogs).  I’ve been an Xbox live subscriber since 2004 and a music subscriber since Windows Phone came out.  They get their money.  Plus I come here and say nice things about them and my wise words of praise doesn’t come cheap.

Now that is out of the way let me tell you about my miraculous copy of Windows 7.  I had this copy of Windows 7 installed, pirated, and wasn’t doing any updates to maintain the ability to have a desktop background and not get blasted with popups about my windows license not being valid and how I may be a victim of software something or other.  One day my roommate and I are playing video games and decide we’ve had enough, flip back over to the PC, which is hooked to the same TV, and somehow, someway the bastard had updated itself and we start getting these messages.  Us being lazy and probably drunk at the time choose not to deal with the situation.  We basically just ended up not using the computer for several days.  We come back to it because we want to watch a movie or Walking Dead or something only to find that the copy of Windows has re-cracked itself!  We both thought for a few days that the other had done the work to get it cracked again but neither one of us had done it.  So we basically have a self-cracking copy of windows on our hands or Microsoft is just accepting me as champion of their products (being that I own, and have owned, dozens of pcs, an Xbox 360, windows phone, and Surface with their services).  Anyway, on to present day.

I was going to set up an App Studio account and needed IE11.  To get IE11 I needed 7 service pack 1, which I did not have.  So went out and found a crack for Win7 so I could just go ahead and use it when I was done updating.  After that I fired up Auto Update and ran through about 100 updates before SP1 and then another 150-200 updates post SP1.  It did not give me any sign of problems.  It didn’t revert to an unlicensed version even once.  So either I’m that awesome or Microsoft really has just given up on this quest to reign in licenses on previous versions of Windows.  I would have thought from the number of Win8 holdouts that they’d still be policing this stuff pretty hard.  Guess not.  Hopefully this blog post also stays enough under the radar that they don’t read through my emails and kick in my door to come get their 200$.  Just kidding.  I have Gmail because who the fuck uses Outlook?


  1. WTH hell kind of nonsense is this? This article and the words spoken by – I call a disgusting journalist- are ridiculous.

    • Okay, Josh. Let’s go ahead and unwad some proverbial panties. What is it that you find repelling and sickening about the words of my article that you have to come on here and call me names? I’m not saying that my feelings were hurt, mind you. What I’m saying is that I want to know what I wrote that put you in such a little tiff that you were unable to properly respond to me in complete and proper sentences. I thought I was informing you about the mobile and technological news of the world through my first hand account and involvement in the world so you didn’t have to be knee deep in PC news and sift through tons of shit every day to find the good little nuggets for you to chew on. Apparently what I was doing was being ridiculous in thinking that Piracy, Microsoft Windows Licensing, and the relation of the two had anything to do with what you might find at a tech related blog on the internet. Excuse me for my faux pas. I’m sorry you probably didn’t get all that. Let me get on your level and see if we can’t hash this out.

      Why you be hating on my article just cause I be providing you with news and shit?

    • Stef – I’ll admit I was being hyperbolic about Outlook. However I will also say that transferring over an enormous group of Hotmail users that may or may not even be using their accounts, since it was the go to email service for years before Gmail existed, you drop that number even more if instead of users you describe it more accurately as accounts, you don’t exactly get a formula for a growing and quality number of true email users. Take that along with a big glass of the relative 1.9 billion email users out there and you’re looking at a little over 25% of the total number of email users that have, not use, an Outlook account. Again, I was being facetious and at least you were far more courteous and accurate with your wielding of the English language. Thank you for that at least.

  2. I didn’t realize that stealing was okay as long you were poor.

    Don’t gloss over the fact you stole something by using a stupid argument like “what is stealing really?”. Any company cares about their product being stolen because believe it or not, people work hard at creating it and deserve compensation. Saying that you have an Xbox live and music account subscription is a lame excuse and only shows how entitled feel.

    Also, blogotry is an incredibly dumb word. But I’m sure you stole it from somewhere because you’re poor in creative ability.

    • Gloss? I would hardly call it glossing when it was the first sentence in my article. Secondly, I have the balls to post my name directly to the article I wrote. If they want their money they can certainly come get it. My point being that they didn’t want it because they let the update roll through without even bothering to check. Third, entitlement doesn’t have shot to do with it. My point was the I spend money with the company and am a long time customer with them. Yes, I do pirate things. There have been many a time where I placed software on my phone that did not come with it. There are dozens and dozens of times I have installed updates that either were not out or did not come on my phone and were never released for my phone. My PC is no different and you are an idiot for even making this about piracy. This is exactly what I referenced in my article. That’s not what this is about. Fourth, why would I steal a word if it was dumb? Fifth, I did steal something; I stole a comma for your last sentence because you’re an idiot.

  3. I don’t understand why everyone always need to complain at something.. I liked your article ! (:

    • Diego- You are awesome. Tell your parents that I said thank you for them procreating together. It was an excellent decision culminating in you being such a fine gentleman. Now if we can get all the mouth breathers to read for content and not just to get their rocks off on finding something silly to argue about on the internet we’ll be getting somewhere productive.

  4. What you gloss over is that you don’t even acknowledge that stealing is wrong and act like it is okay. Congratulations you bought something from Microsoft something, so that makes it okay to steal from them? Being a long time customer doesn’t give you permission to be a thief of someone’s work without paying for it. And yes, entitlement does play a factor in it. You feel that you are entitled to steal from Microsoft because you pay for a couple of cheap services, nevermind the fact that a copy of windows 7 probably costs less than a year of a music. Would you want your employer stealing your next article and posting it without compensating you properly for it?

    And why am I posting anonymously? Two reasons: the first being that the people you work for allow me to, the second being that I came across this article from a news aggregator app and never visit this site.

    And if you want to really “have balls” as you put it, then call the company, speak to someone in their legal department, then tell them you stole their product and they can’t do f#¢k about it. Otherwise your bravado means absolutely nothing.

    If I like a product then I pay for it, and if I can’t afford then I either go without or save up for it. That is how I was raised, and I’m happy not stealing. Plus I would hardly call your tone as that of someone who would consider themselves a professional.

    Reply if you want, but chances are I’m not going to visit this article again, so say whatever you want.

    • Yay. You’re not a reader of a site I write for in my spare time with no compensation. Good stuff. I hope people plaster this article over every piece of the internet so you can’t get away from it and I don’t make a dime. In fact if I could I would buy ad space on every site you do visit and do nothing but link back to this very article so you can enjoy your brash narcissism in believing that the way you feel about a certain thing like software piracy should be brazenly championed by your spare time and forced upon others that may not exactly agree with you.

      Moving on to something more substantial, I acknowledge the fact that this would be a point of contention amongst people who may or may not be reading this article and asked politely that you not be a complete and total ass and hijack my article to make a personal statement about whether or no you believe that software should be free or not. Unfortunately you were not really paying much attention to what was going on and decide to wave your moral flag around. So please tell me more about how good your moral compass is to getting me anywhere but in your circle jerk of online argumentativeness not pertaining to the true subject matter and point of an article written on a blog.
      I also don’t feel entitled to shit. I know I stole software and I stated as much. Sorry for describing my other investments in the company and showing my support for something that I do believe in. Things like a service. A service that I see value in and therefore purchase. What I don’t necessarily believe in is software costing money. Sorry if you and I disagree about a very real argument in the world today that intelligent people on either side argue for or against. I’ll chalk this up to you spending all of your time harassing people that are merely trying to inform you with personal experience and valuable real world knowledge. Because of me, today you were able to be a self righteous douche on the internet about something you believe in. You are also now slightly more informed about whether Microsoft did care about pirated software. If they did they had over 250 opportunities to do something about it.
      Just because my buying habits don’t necessarily mesh with yours doesn’t give you any more right to come here and start insulting me for what is really no reason, other than me possibly informing you about the state of Windows 7 licensing. Sorry for the informative article.


  5. I couldn’t relate myself very well with the article and its purpose.
    but nonetheless, its an article and has some information on it.
    just because I can’t relate doesn’t make it obsolete, nonsense or trash.
    be nice people. Some of you guys are so hypocrite and act like you guys are gods and your shit doesn’t stink AND you have been noble son of god every second of this life.
    spit your hypocritical ego.

  6. You could have updated that cracked copy of Win 7 to licensed Win 8 last year for $39.99. Just sayin.

    • I know you could update a genuine copy but didn’t think you could update with a cracked copy. That sounds dubious at best. Plus I’m fine and dandy with 7 for the desktop. I have a surface with 8 and is great for the touch screen but I don’t see much if any benefit to a true desktop with 8. When I do an overhaul on it and redo the graphics card I’ll probably update.

  7. Im with you on that one. Never bough windows in my life. When i had a pc me windows were always cracked. The only reason that I have genuine windows now is because they cam with my laptop.

    Im quite suprised over here by the comments. Didnt though that many people actually bought genuine windows!

  8. > proverbial panties

    What proverbs are you reading, Matt??

    Right on brother, good article.

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