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Microsoft gives no F*#ks about pirating Windows 7 anymore. Diego gets what I’m saying.

pics-funny-stuffSo a little background for you folks: I pirate software because I’m poor.  I buy enough stuff, so let’s not get into this what’s right and wrong business because it’s not important to this piece of blogotry (like photography but with blogs).  I’ve been an Xbox live subscriber since 2004 and a music subscriber since Windows Phone came out.  They get their money.  Plus I come here and say nice things about them and my wise words of praise doesn’t come cheap.

Now that is out of the way let me tell you about my miraculous copy of Windows 7.  I had this copy of Windows 7 installed, pirated, and wasn’t doing any updates to maintain the ability to have a desktop background and not get blasted with popups about my windows license not being valid and how I may be a victim of software something or other.  One day my roommate and I are playing video games and decide we’ve had enough, flip back over to the PC, which is hooked to the same TV, and somehow, someway the bastard had updated itself and we start getting these messages.  Us being lazy and probably drunk at the time choose not to deal with the situation.  We basically just ended up not using the computer for several days.  We come back to it because we want to watch a movie or Walking Dead or something only to find that the copy of Windows has re-cracked itself!  We both thought for a few days that the other had done the work to get it cracked again but neither one of us had done it.  So we basically have a self-cracking copy of windows on our hands or Microsoft is just accepting me as champion of their products (being that I own, and have owned, dozens of pcs, an Xbox 360, windows phone, and Surface with their services).  Anyway, on to present day.

I was going to set up an App Studio account and needed IE11.  To get IE11 I needed 7 service pack 1, which I did not have.  So went out and found a crack for Win7 so I could just go ahead and use it when I was done updating.  After that I fired up Auto Update and ran through about 100 updates before SP1 and then another 150-200 updates post SP1.  It did not give me any sign of problems.  It didn’t revert to an unlicensed version even once.  So either I’m that awesome or Microsoft really has just given up on this quest to reign in licenses on previous versions of Windows.  I would have thought from the number of Win8 holdouts that they’d still be policing this stuff pretty hard.  Guess not.  Hopefully this blog post also stays enough under the radar that they don’t read through my emails and kick in my door to come get their 200$.  Just kidding.  I have Gmail because who the fuck uses Outlook?